What do we do?

Check Box Services Corporation is a Toronto-based concierge service that provides customized support to help you accomplish items on your life’s to-do lists. From everyday tasks to special events, Check Box can help you manage and organize your full and active life.

If you are asking, “What does a concierge do?” Consider, for a moment, any random day in your own life:

  • Your current work assignment has you out of town from Sundays to Thursdays which has left you very little time to plan your husband’s 50th birthday party you are hosting in a month for 100 people...
  • Your son calls you from boarding school, excited that he’s made the hockey team (yay!) and now he needs 3 more sticks, skates that fit properly and a new goalie mask...
  • Your team at the office is growing and as a result, you need a bigger space. You know you need a timeline, budget and communication plan to facilitate the move but have had no time to throw this together. Everyone on the team is at full capacity...

Whether it be planning a milestone party, helping outfit the next NHL superstar or project managing an office move, our mission at Check Box Services is to make your life easier, one task at a time. When you realize that you are juggling too many balls and don’t have the time to get it all done, trust Check Box to take care of it so you don’t have to.

What are activities that you want to do but just can't seem to find the time for? Going to the gym, taking your kids to soccer practice, coming home for dinner at a reasonable hour... With Check Box Services, you can rely on us to take care of the things you need help with, or that do not require your personal attention, freeing you up and giving you back the precious commodity of time.

Our Services

Why Us?

Here at Check Box, we tailor our services for each client ensuring that we understand your individual needs.  We strive to build long-term, trusting relationships with you based on the following values:


Intelligent, efficient processes and employees that get it done right the first time.


We ensure that sensitive information is always protected and kept strictly private.


Trustworthy employees that take security and discretion seriously. All of our employees have had background checks conducted and have signed confidentiality agreements.


Open, timely and clear contact to keep you informed so there are no surprises.


No problem is too big / small / difficult / easy for us to undertake. We are passionate about making your life easier and will strive to find creative solutions to your requests.

To learn more about our services or to get started:

What Our Clients Are Saying

"I spent a 10 month period transitioning from my home in Cleveland where I was in and out of Toronto.  During that challenging period both personally and professionally, Brenda was incredibly helpful.  Her support and knowledge made my life easier.  She insured that there were far fewer logistics for me to deal with which eased the burden of my transition and move.   It is easy for me to recommend Check Box Services to anyone relocating to Toronto."

Mark Shapiro, President, Toronto Blue Jays


“Working with Brenda at Check Box Services has made my life easier.  Projects that Check Box has taken care of on my behalf have included: setting up my home office filing system, keeping me organized, tradespeople supervision and coordination, research, gift purchasing and personal shopping.  Since Day 1, what I have really appreciated is the thorough, detailed and careful approach Brenda takes to her work.  To top it all off, I receive a timely and clear summary after each visit from Check Box of what was accomplished that day, questions that may remain and an outline of ‘next steps’ for the next scheduled visit.  I am happy to recommend Check Box Services to those looking for a trustworthy, dependable and smart concierge service in Toronto.”

Jennifer Tory, Senior Executive

“As a university professor, I am required to interact and communicate with my students via the internet on a timely and frequent basis throughout the academic year.  With Brenda’s IT support, I know that responsive and reliable help is just a phone call away and that she will take care of it all for me.”   

Dr. Chaviva Hosek, OC


“I have known Brenda since she was in elementary school with my daughter.  I have worked with her professionally since 2012.  Brenda does a wide (and ever expanding) variety of administrative tasks.  These include looking after my mail, cars, and, on occasion, homes, on the many times when I am away.  She is available for whatever comes up that I cannot attend to and essentially stands in for my wife and me when we are unavailable.  Over the last two years, she has trained herself to assist me in investments, including initial review and ultimately deciding on sale and purchase.  Brenda is intelligent, efficient, indefatigable, discrete and, most importantly, absolutely trustworthy.”

Mark Appel, Q.C.

“Brenda at Check Box Services helps me focus on projects that I consider important but never make it to the top of the to-do list due to competing priorities… or because I just don’t want to do them!  I enjoy working with Brenda and appreciate her personal attention, discretion and the fact that she is non-judgmental.  I have happily referred, and will continue to refer, Check Box Services to my family and friends.”  

Deanna Rosenswig, B.Comm, MBA


“With two active kids and a home to manage, my days can get hectic! When there is too much to do and not enough time, I know I can rely on Check Box Services for support. Brenda is extremely responsive, easy to work with, creative and takes a smart approach to our projects.  When you need a helping hand, call Brenda. She can help!”

Tamara Kerr

"During the internal restructuring of my growing business, I needed professional insight from taking a small brick and mortar business to a structured business built to perform at a corporate level. Brenda from Check Box Services not only exceeded my expectations but we are now operating more effectively and efficiently.  What I most appreciated was Brenda's patience, level of professionalism and her thoughtful insight in business and how each option and decision may affect future outcomes. Owning a business is composed of many moving parts and we all need some help along the way... For me, it's Brenda." 

Yvonne Yang, Owner, Pistil Flowers


“Brenda at Check Box Services is one of my ‘best-kept-secrets’ in my CEO toolkit!  She helps me execute my communication strategy and material so that I can focus my time and energy on clients, developing new business and taking care of my team.  In addition to communications work, Mayhew has also engaged Brenda on a number of IT and marketing assignments.  Check Box Services is my go-to consulting firm I engage, on-demand, to take care of projects, big and small.  I would highly recommend Check Box Services offerings to anyone looking for Executive support in order to reduce stress and get the job done right.”   

Marcia Mayhew, CEO, Mayhew Inc.